Travel Tips

It is a guiding ideal of R.T. Respiratory Services to empower our client’s and when possible to encourage appropriate travel for the client and their families. By utilizing the steps outlined, we can offer consistent support to any oxygen client traveling to our service area and outside of the service area.

1. All clients will be encouraged to notify our office as far in advance of travel arrangements as possible to enable optimized trip planning assistance.

2. When a client contacts our office regarding a planned trip the following information
will be discussed:

  • Travel dates-Duration at destination(s).
  • Destination-address and phone number.
  • Mode of Transportation being utilized.
  • Equipment Required.

3.Questions will be fielded by R.T. Respiratory Services staff-with the understanding that it is the client’s responsibility to contact the travel services involved in the trip e.g. Airlines personally to discuss regulations/ expenses regarding equipment use during the trip.

4. Our staff will aid the client in evaluating the oxygen needs for the duration of the trip and make recommendations in regards to the equipment required to meet the client’s oxygen requirements for the duration of the trip.

Before You Travel:

  • Check with your family physician.
  • Contact RT Respiratory.
  • Make sure you inform your travel agent that you will be traveling with Oxygen.
  • Ask for copies of your oxygen prescription to have available for flight attendants.