FAQ’s for Oxygen Equipment

How about traveling while I’m on oxygen?

Currently there are many people on oxygen that travel. It does take some planning and we can help facilitate this. Please contact our office for suggestions for planning a trip with oxygen as early as possible as there are specific requirements for some forms of travel. Back to the Top

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

An oxygen concentrator gathers air in through a series of filters, compresses it through a compressor, feeds it into special chambers that separate the oxygen from the rest of the gas and then sends it to the flow meter that is connected to a nasal cannula or mask that you wear. This piece of equipment never needs to be refilled, as long as there is hydro to operate the unit it will produce oxygen when it is turned on. Back to the Top

How long will I have to stay on oxygen?

This is unique to each person’s situation; your doctor evaluates your needs as a whole. Back to the Top

How long will my back-up cylinder last?

A cylinder holds a set amount of gas, therefore, the duration it lasts depends on the flow rate set on the regulator. A “D” cylinder will last approximately 2 hours on a flow of 2 I/min. Back to the Top

If I have a question what do I do?

If you have any questions please call our office, the number is on the magnet provided and in the folder you received when the equipment was set-up. Back to the Top

Isn’t oxygen explosive?

No, oxygen is not explosive. However, oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion. Special care must be taken to stay at least 10 feet from all sources of fire including sparks; gas stoves, water heaters, fireplaces, barbecues, candles, burning cigarettes, pipes etc … Someone on oxygen must be aware of these situations in their environment. Back to the Top

What is an oxygen conserving device (OCD)?

An OCD is an oxygen regulator used for portability. It delivers oxygen in a pulse when the person inhales therefore prolonging the duration that a cylinder will last. Back to the Top

When do I call for new cylinders?

When you are using portability you will determine the frequency in which you require your cylinders to be replaced. It is important to call BEFORE you run out of cylinders. If possible call when you start to use your last cylinder. Back to the Top

Who will be coming to visit me?

You will see several of our staff over the time you use oxygen. Initially you will meet the consultant who sets up your equipment. Then you will have a follow-up visit with one of our registered staff, who does an assessment of your oxygen needs and completes all necessary documentation. You will then be seen on a regular visit schedule, during which your funding will be reviewed on a regular interval. Also, customer service technicians will be visiting regularly to exchange cylinders or equipment as needed. Back to the Top