Care Plan – Trial Period

A referral from a registered sleep lab will be received by fax or phone by our office. Documentation will include a prescription which includes patient’s name, address, phone number, and other personal information as well as a prescription pressure, and any special requests from the physician.

Upon receiving prescription, the patient is contacted to arrange an appointment with a Respiratory Therapist to initiate a trial of one month and have a mask fitting and information session.

Initial appointment duration is approximately 45min to an hour.

During this appointment the client will receive a CPAP package – the following topics will be reviewed: basic CPAP information and loaner unit operation, use, care and cleaning, trial length, and customer responsibilities, the cost of CPAP equipment, and upgrades available, ADP funding, other funding if applicable, mask fitting, return/purchase date.

The client is fitted initially with a standard trial nasal mask. If this mask is deemed to not be appropriate for the client’s needs – the option of selecting another mask at an additional cost as outlined in the package pricing information document will be reviewed. The client will utilize a trial mask during the trial period.

If the client encounters issues with the mask fit or CPAP unit an appointment will be scheduled and the issue addressed. The client is encouraged to bring their Trial equipment in for these trouble shooting appointments for FREE on going support.